Friday, December 21, 2012

All Iowa Noise Insurgency Zine Issue 1

Issue 1 of the All Iowa Noise Insurgency Zine is done and available for free. You may run into copies of it around Ames, Des Moines, or Dubuque. Otherwise, I have some extras laying around that I'd love to send you, so let me know if you want one.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Warm Gospel at the Vaudeville Mews

The Warm Gospel label was created based on the concept of recreating the grand, layered spectrum of gospel music using the contemporary ideas and tools of electronic, noise, and ambient music. The result is something new. Over the past year, Warm Gospel has collected releases from many of Iowa's beat and noise makers, including DJ DJ TANNER, Tires, Olsen Twinns, Juxwl, and others. In combining these artists under a single label, Warm Gospel has established a foundation of rumbling noise, tidal waves of synth, and layers of clouded harmonies in a part of Iowa where, previously, experimental music was never fully realized as an important part of the state's overall music output.

On December 18th, the Vaudeville Mews will showcase nearly every artist on the Warm Gospel label, bringing an entire night of electronic sound exploration to Des Moines.

Vaudeville Mews
December 18th, 2012
8:00 pm

Is Home Is (Olsen Twinns)
Big Digital

This show is going to be so much fun.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Warm Gospel Bandcamp Page and Issue 1 of the All Iowa Noise Insurgency Zine

This label now has a bandcamp page where you can listen to all of the tapes in full.

Also, Issue 1 of the All Iowa Noise Insurgency zine is well underway and should be available sometime in the next month.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Zeitgeist and the All Iowa Noise Insurgency

I found a great article by the Centipede Farm tape label founder, Chuck Hoffman.

It's all about the accomplishment that was the Zeitgeist music festival and the state of Iowa noise music.

Check it out.

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Sounds of the Zeitgeist 2012 Music Festival

This here label sponsored the Zeitgeist music festival in Boone, Iowa this past weekend. Listen to the live sets




Monday, November 5, 2012

Warm Gospel 15: Olsen Twinns (now Is Home Is) - Found Things (c47)

Olsen Twinns - Found Things c47

“Unfortunately, Mickey Davis (who is Olsen Twinns) was recently asked politely by lawyer types to quit using the name Olsen Twinns, and has transmogrophied into a new moniker, Is Home Is.

Found Things is a collection of music that is largely ambient, but also wouldn't be out of place on the dance floor, especially if you cranked it up loud. And right when it may be heading towards Eno territory, it suddenly burbles up with a melody or intertwining sample and synth harmonies that show this music has foundations in songcraft.”

-Bryon Dudley, All Iowa Noise Insurgency Issue 1

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Zeitgeist: A Celebration of Iowa Noise Music

Warm Gospel will be sponsoring Zeitgeist: A Celebration of Iowa Noise Music at the old Elephungeon space in Boone, Iowa.

You should go, see some of the best noise bands in Iowa, and buy tapes to support the festival and its artists. There will be a Warm Gospel table there with a variety of different releases and some free stickers. Make sure you give it a look!

Warm Gospel 14: Juxwl - Superconscious (c30)

Juxwl - Superconscious c30

Watching Juxwl perform is a lot like observing a scientist in a lab full of bizarre future instruments. But when you listen to the music, he's completely creating moods and soundscapes and rhythm patterns and, perhaps most importantly, a freewheeling sense of chaos. "Superconscious" churns away on industrial beats that melt into hazy clouds of soft, synthetic noise, then streaks of sound shoot back and forth, scraping against altered beeps. Juxwl makes electronic noise that is the sound of exploration.

-Bryon Dudley, All Iowa Noise Insurgency Issue 1


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Warm Gospel Tumblr Page

I finally got around to making a Tumblr page for this label.

Check it out and follow me!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Warm Gospel 13: Skyscraper // DJ DJ TANNER - Halloween Split (c30)

Skyscraper // DJ DJ TANNER - Halloween Split c30

For whatever reason, Halloween and Christmas are the only 2 holidays fully represented by the kind of garbage vinyl one finds littered all over the dusty shelves of thrift stores. To us, it’s gold. Repurposing the cheesy sounds of our parent’s childhoods, through mountains of effect pedals and tape hiss, we manage to turn the silver age of baby boomers into the second round of the dark ages.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Warm Gospel 12: Theodore Schafer - Tunnel Vision (c45)

Theodore Schafer - Tunnel Vision c45


Tunnel Vision is an experiment in kinetic energy, testing, over long periods of time, the amount of pressure it takes to create peaks and valleys out of an otherwise flat landscape of tape hiss and sine waves. What begins as a stone rolled from its position by a slow but consistent gust of wind, results in crater-style depressions like those comprising Earth’s entire ocean floor. But where holes are dug, water falls to fill them in and everything returns to equilibrium.

Warm Gospel 11: DJ DJ TANNER - CONSUMER (c45)



Your phone wakes you up as that really relaxing guitar alarm pierces through your shell of sleep and fades slowly into your eardrums. And you get up, realizing you don’t have anything to eat in the house, so you throw on a long jacket and drive through the residential streets to grocery store. Everyone seems so awake. Why do you seem so asleep?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Warm Gospel 10: Skyscraper - Worn Gospel (c30)

Skyscraper - Worn Gospel c30

I started Warm Gospel with the idea of recreating the oldest trends in hymnals and gospel music using current techniques in noise, drone, and electronic music. This Skyscraper release is the closest I’ve come to pinpointing that exact vision. Chapel ceilings crumble as the choir sends the vibrations from harmonies upwards into the ceiling beams. And after the entire church has fallen into rubble, a warm light seems to reflect off the once hallowed stone and woodwork.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Warm Gospel 09: Tires - Two EP's (c24)

Tires - Two EP's c24


Following Tires earlier split with Big Digital, we’ve thrown a couple more EP’s into the mix. Tires makes dance music for the dance floor, a rarity in the past few years where bedroom EDM flooded onto the internet through headphone speakers and the amount of bass was only outdone by the layers of vocal samples played like piano keys. With an actual drummer and krautrock-esque synth melodies, Tires channels all the appeal of Kraftwerk through the energy of teenagers banging out punk rock in their garage.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Warm Gospel 08: SEEZUREFACE - Space Socks (c30)

SEEZUREFACE - Space Socks c30

This SEEZUREFACE dude emailed me about his tape. It was appropriate, like his music was beamed directly to me through walls and trees and clouds. It came from above or outer space or somewhere we don’t have a name for. Brimming with alien synths and noises that sound like Earthly radio signals being received through an alien version of what we call “speakers,” this beam of sampled energy is other, worldy, and otherworldly.


Monday, June 25, 2012

Warm Gospel 07: DJ DJ Tanner - Idol (c47)

DJ DJ Tanner - IDOL c47


“Here we go loop-de-loop!” Part 3 in the series feels familiar: like déjà vu, but not in a comfortable way. After the reel is just another reel. What are you so worried about? Have another drink, the night is far from over, although I know you were thinking about going home anyway. But the music starts to slow down. Not in tempo, but like its stretching, sagging downward, and you hear voices right next to you.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Warm Gospel 06: Tires/Big Digital Split - The Girl Who Gets a Charge Out (c24)

Tires/Big Digital Split - The Girl Who Gets a Charge Out c24

For me, it’s weird when a jam session manages to impress. In Big Digital’s first (and last?) show, keyboard, vocal loops, and various electronics were folded into the broken, sludge of post-dance music Big Digital channels and tweeks through his own pile of chords and effect pedals. And through all of the murk, beautiful sounds protruded outward from the wall of noise before decaying and crumbling to the ground. Rather than relying on echoes and reverb to project the sounds out into infinity, Digital Bear opts to keep it close, never allowing any sound to stray too far from the haze.


"Electronic rock band Tires plays primarily instrumental music, with an emphasis on groove and a layered palette (including the occasional electric drill on guitar). The huge sound produced is accomplished by just two people: Phil Young on guitar and electronic sound manipulations, and Jordan Mayland on drums and synthesizers.

The two are in a virtual “who’s who” of Iowa bands, including The Wheelers, The Volcano Boys, The Mantis Pincers, Nuclear Rodeo, and many others. As if that wasn’t enough, they often control their own lighting during performances as well."

-Bryon Dudley (GDMMC -


Warm Gospel 05: SOAP - Layers (c30)

SOAP - Layers c30

This stagnant, beautiful tape sounds like it was recorded in the deepest part of some cave off of the Atlantic Ocean where heavy waves of water drift in slowly, splashing against the cave walls lightly enough to pull a 9 or 9.5 from an Olympic diving judge if they had been around to judge the waves based on how small of a splash they were making, and if those waves were actually Olympic divers instead of, well, waves.

However, SOAP comes straight from one of the most landlocked places in the whole United States of America – Iowa, so it is surprising how much the tape sounds like it could have been a collection of water-drenched, Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill-era Grouper demos.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Warm Gospel 04: DJ DJ Tanner - Comedian (c47)

DJ DJ Tanner - Comedian c47

Moving into softer samples after all of the funk earlier in the night, part 2 in this continuing tape series is like coming down and the greatness in everything is still all around you, but it is very slowly starting to fade. And you begin to worry that no matter how pretty the clouds look, they are still a signal of the calm before the inevitable storm. Things always repeat themselves, only it could be the end of the reel. This time, I think I may not know what will come next.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Warm Gospel

Warm Gospel Tapes

Please email me with any questions about the tapes, purchasing, shipping, etc.


Warm Gospel 03: Skyscraper - Skyscraper (c24)

Skyscraper - Skyscraper c24

It’s when the wind picks up. Slowly, at first, but more fierce with each swing it takes. And it was such a nice day. Now, the wind has begun knocking your things over, and you knew you shouldn’t have brought paint out this time, but it actually looks really beautiful spilled out all over your blanket like that. It keeps swinging harder. The wind through the trees begins to sound like a low, dull drone, so you pack up and move everything inside, but it slithers across your windows and walls, booming. You begin to think this may be something truly from above, like bigger than you or today or the color of paint. And when you finally draw up the courage to peak out of the assaulted window, you see that light breaking through the clouds, one beam at first, but two more pierce through while you stare; a witness.

Warm Gospel 02: Skyscraper - Germany (c24)

Skyscraper - Germany c24

If postcards could speak, they would tell you they have never seen the places they depict. “It’s just a tattoo on my back.” You feel uncomfortable. The postcard is just spewing out the absolute truth of its life, but you feel uncomfortable. Hundreds of thousands of pictures of places and events that it’s never seen, and that you’ve never seen. And you begin to realize that postcards, in general, are just reminders of places you haven’t been.

Warm Gospel 01: DJ DJ Tanner - Antihero (c24)

DJ DJ Tanner - Antihero c24


The first installment of DJ DJ TANNER’s 24-part series about “A PIECE OF SHIT HUMAN AND HIS ADVENTURES IN ONE DAY,” this collage of lo-fi bedroom recordings and a limitless scope for sampling moves like a stumbling drunk between buildings on the strip. Like Fritz Lang’s storefront windows, it’s an album of observation; a quiet viewing on the verge of an experience. We can only wait to see what will happen next.