Thursday, September 27, 2012

Warm Gospel 12: Theodore Schafer - Tunnel Vision (c45)

Theodore Schafer - Tunnel Vision c45


Tunnel Vision is an experiment in kinetic energy, testing, over long periods of time, the amount of pressure it takes to create peaks and valleys out of an otherwise flat landscape of tape hiss and sine waves. What begins as a stone rolled from its position by a slow but consistent gust of wind, results in crater-style depressions like those comprising Earth’s entire ocean floor. But where holes are dug, water falls to fill them in and everything returns to equilibrium.

Warm Gospel 11: DJ DJ TANNER - CONSUMER (c45)



Your phone wakes you up as that really relaxing guitar alarm pierces through your shell of sleep and fades slowly into your eardrums. And you get up, realizing you don’t have anything to eat in the house, so you throw on a long jacket and drive through the residential streets to grocery store. Everyone seems so awake. Why do you seem so asleep?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Warm Gospel 10: Skyscraper - Worn Gospel (c30)

Skyscraper - Worn Gospel c30

I started Warm Gospel with the idea of recreating the oldest trends in hymnals and gospel music using current techniques in noise, drone, and electronic music. This Skyscraper release is the closest I’ve come to pinpointing that exact vision. Chapel ceilings crumble as the choir sends the vibrations from harmonies upwards into the ceiling beams. And after the entire church has fallen into rubble, a warm light seems to reflect off the once hallowed stone and woodwork.