Friday, January 11, 2013

Warm Gospel 16: KM/MC/TR/RC/BBJr // Juxwl Split - Live at Zeitgeist 2012 (c47, label collaboration with Personal Archivces)

KM/MC/TR/RC/BBJr // Juxwl Split c47

Label collaboration split with Personal Archives.

Recorded live at Zeitgeiest 2012, a noise festival in Boone, IA, this split contains the entire Juxwl set plus 5-way noise jam session wherein aspects of 4 different local noise and drone bands were combined to achieve something larger than the sum of its parts, which included synthesizers, drums, a saxophone, and various electronics. Recording by Matt Dake.

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  1. Kyle Miller-Keyboard
    Matthew Crowe-drums
    Trent Reis-moog, modular synth
    Randy Carter-electronics
    Bob Bucko Jr-reeds