Sunday, January 20, 2013

Warm Gospel 18: DJ DJ TANNER - SIREN c45


But you do have to go to work today and of course it’s chaotic on this particular day. Those bass beats boom out like a hammer, and the copy machine sounds like a synthesizer. But then you get off work, and it feels great because you are off work, like better than it would had you suddenly realized you had the whole day off while sitting on your couch. You listen to music really loud and drive home like it’s summer, but the sun sets quickly and it’s night before you even realize it.


Friday, January 11, 2013

Warm Gospel 17: Lockbox - Passion Beam (c47)

Lockbox - Passion Beam c47

"…like smoking a hash oil pen in a parking lot on your break, things REALLY don’t change that quickly or vastly. But I’ve come to expect that as a music listener. I want more, and I want it fresh. So, what I’m trying to describe here is the difference between creative input and critical critique. As well, the only internet “sensation” is, like, Mark ZuckerBANG or, like, the person/people who invented it. When I see someone’s tweet or Facebook status online, I care as much as I scroll over it. Just like this post here, potentially. I have no doubt most people will scroll over this here writing so they can scope new music. Word. Word. In the end, does ambition trump talent?"

-C Monster, Tiny Mix Tapes

Warm Gospel 16: KM/MC/TR/RC/BBJr // Juxwl Split - Live at Zeitgeist 2012 (c47, label collaboration with Personal Archivces)

KM/MC/TR/RC/BBJr // Juxwl Split c47

Label collaboration split with Personal Archives.

Recorded live at Zeitgeiest 2012, a noise festival in Boone, IA, this split contains the entire Juxwl set plus 5-way noise jam session wherein aspects of 4 different local noise and drone bands were combined to achieve something larger than the sum of its parts, which included synthesizers, drums, a saxophone, and various electronics. Recording by Matt Dake.