Monday, April 15, 2013

All Iowa Noise Insurgency Issue 2

Issue 2 of the All Iowa Noise Insurgency zine is finished.

This issue includes:

-An intro by Chuck Hoffman who runs the Centipede Farm tape label
-An interview with Iowa City's Jay Schleidt and Devin Dart by Bob Bucko Jr.
-A preview of Zeitgeist II
-A review of SEEZUREFACE's MESSY SETI CASSEVETES tape on Warm Gospel
-A review of the Vales tape Boat Impressions from Centipede Farm
-A review of Curt Oren's Is Anyone tape on Personal Archives
-Vinyl Sample Shopping in Des Moines with DJ DJ TANNER

Let me know if you want one.



Iowa City’s space noise purveyor, Zach Straight, releases his synthetic explorations under the moniker SEEZUREFACE. With his second album on Warm Gospel, Straight has taken on something of an alien perspective, attempting to force field samples of ordinary human media and entertainment out of any recognizable context by scattering them across cosmic rings of synthesized noise. It’s like Earth’s radio signals, degraded by light years of travel, being picked up through layers of moving white noise outside of the Milky Way galaxy.

On MESSY SETI CASSEVETES, his approach lies somewhere between the sonic walls of Tangerine Dream and the remaining puddles from 2012’s flash flood of vaporwaves. It leaves the music in a calming state of ambience, accompanied by soft drums ringing out like raindrops on your windows. The buried spoken-word samples from years of film history remind you that, despite the motion sickness from all of this interplanetary traveling, you are never really too far from home.

Breathe. There may not be oxygen here, but the air is fine.